Customizable permit options

Smart Parking understands that you need to be able to manage every detail of the passes you issue to your parkers. With our sophisticated permit customization options, you can set permits at different prices, active durations, and even distinguish between faculty and student options.

State of the art security features

Eliminate lost revenue streams from your lot with Smart Parking's enforcement capabilities specifically designed to reduce instances of walk-offs and non-payment. Maximize income and make your lot more secure for everybody with Smart Parking.

Simple to use for everyone

So many parking apps can be confusing and convoluted to use—even for world-class academics. Luckily, it doesn't take a genius to navigate Smart Parking's clean, user-friendly interface. Let your users park and pay without the hassle while you manage your lots with simple yet sophisticated tools.

  • 24/7 reports

    Smart Parking has built-in technology that reports the details of your lot in real-time. You can monitor the active permits, available spaces, and parked vehicles of any lot through the live feed available on your dashboard.

  • Write citations directly from the moible app

    Smart Parking's free mobile enforcement app is a powerful tool for your security detail. By equipping them with the most advanced complimentary enforcement tools on the market, they're empowered to act quicker and write tickets using nothing but their smartphones.

  • Cooperate with parkers to keep your lot secure

    Mobilize your lot's users to support your enforcement team. Smart Parking allows parkers to submit enforcement requests which are sent directly to your security team if they see someone parked dangerously or illegally, enabling strong communication and cooperation between both parties.

Why choose Smart Parking

Our storied history in the parking industry makes us one of the most experienced options for parking management. With nearly three decades of experience working with our partners to make their lots more secure and simple to use, Smart Parking has a proven track record of success. It's why we're trusted by users across the continent.

Come see for yourself how much more efficient you can make your institution's parking experience with Smart Parking.

Make the Smart decision, choose Smart Parking

Smart Parking is excited to offer you an opportunity to try our services for yourself—completely free of charge! Explore what Smart Parking can do to make your life easier and receive a walk-through of our management interface from a member of our team. Book a demo today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How would my parkers register for parking?

Users are able to register their vehicles for parking in three different ways: through our mobile app, web portal, or by scanning a QR code posted at the lot itself. Our mobile app is available on all smartphones, and the web portal can be accessed either using a mobile device or computer.

Can I set-up permits that parkers can purchase and use throughout the year?

Yes! With Smart Parking's permit system, you can issue passes for any amount of time you would like and set different prices for different lots. This makes it easy to create passes that last a single semester or that go throughout the academic year.

How long does it take for me to recieve payouts?

Smart Parking prides itself on being among the fastest to deliver payouts in the industry. On any paid pass, permit, or citation, you can expect to receive payment in under 24 hours. What's more is that our payment structure is 100% virtual, contactless, and secure, meaning you won't have to worry about faulty machines or any other issues when processing payments.