Control and customization

We recognize that when it comes to commercial parking, particularly for storefronts, malls or plazas, you need to be able to customize the way your lot runs. Smart Parking has built-in tools to facilitate free and paid visitor parking, as well as distinguish your guests from employees with our special permit system. We're here to help make sure that your lot runs exactly the way you need it to.

Revolutionize your parking experience

Ditch your convoluted parking meter and step into the the future of parking management - monitor your lot virtually from anywhere and bolster your security team with our state of the art enforcement tools. Managing your parking needs has never been this easy.

Make your lot work for you

Monetize your location's parking lot with the help of Smart Parking. Set and change your lot's hourly, daily, or even monthly rates on the fly, and have greater control over pricing with permit options, and protect against lost revenue with our advanced security features.

  • Always accessible, no matter what

    The Smart Parking Enforcement app can be downloaded on any smart phone, meaning you can be ready to act at a moment's notice, no matter what type of mobile device you use.

  • Live feedback 24 hours a day

    Thanks to our partnership with TrackTik, you receive a report in real time of your lot's active permits, parked vehicles, available spaces, and more. This is available around the clock, right from your site's dashboard, so you never miss a thing.

  • Issue citations right from the app

    Smart Parking's enforcement app empowers your enforcement detail to act quickly and decisively by allowing them to issue citations and warnings directly from within the app. This way, your team has access to cutting-edge enforcement technology at their fingertips.

Why choose Smart Parking?

Our team of dedicated professionals has 29 years of experience working in parking. We've seen the market change and have consistently been ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing the newest advancements to improve our services.

Throughout our storied history, countless businesses and users have trusted us to manage their parking needs efficiently and securely across Canada and the United States. Come see why for yourself.

Make the Smart decision, choose Smart Parking

Smart Parking is prepared to give you an in-depth view of our services, and let you try them out for free with the help of a dedicated member of our team. Come see the difference a responsive, efficient parking management service can make by booking a demo today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do my guests have to download an app?

No! Smart Parking does have an app that users are able to download for additional convenience such as the ability to cook parking in advance, but this is not required. They can simply scan the QR codes posted around your lot.

How much control do I have over my lot's rates?

Smart Parking has zero control over the rates at your lot, and we give you the flexibility to set your rates based on varying increments of time. You can set a price per half hour, hour, six hours, daily, or set an overnight rate. We give you all the control, and all the options.

How long does it take for me to receive payouts?

Smart Parking prides itself on being among the fastest to deliver payouts in the industry. On any paid pass, permit, or citation, you can expect to receive payment in under 24 hours. What's more is that our payment structure is 100% virtual, contactless, and secure, meaning you won't have to worry about faulty machines or any other issues when processing payments.