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Smart parking is optimized to take care of all you residential parking needs

Our user-friendly app and web portal make both you and your residents' lives easier. Tenants can rest assured that their parking needs are being managed using state of the art software developed by a state of the art team.

Available across the globe

Regardless of where you're located, Smart Parking's services are available to you. Our team is experienced in servicing clients across multiple different time zones, meaning we're equipped to assist you in your parking needs however you may need, regardless of the distance. Additionally, our AI-powered language translation model allows our services to be used seamlessly by any user.

Simple and sophisticated

Smart Parking uses advanced and easy to use technology to make the parking experience easy for everyone involved in the process. Tenants can manage their vehicles, permits, and passes directly from their app or the web portal, property managers are given various tools to manage lots, and enforcement officers are empowered to act quickly and efficiently equipped with our integrated enforcement app.

Take your security seriously

Smart Parking recognizes how serious of an issue security and enforcement can be for any residential area looking to manage their parking needs. That's why we offer tools specifically tailored to the most common issues plaguing residential complexes. Designate specific lots and spaces as accessible to visitors or tenants specifically and scan license plates quickly to ensure that all vehicles in a given lot are parking in accordance to the rules you've set.

  • Tenant cooperation

    The Smart Parking app allows residents to submit enforcement requests whenever they see dangerous or illegal parking activities, fostering a safer community.

  • Snap and e-chalk functionality

    We offer advanced enforcement tools to help you keep track of the vehicles in your lot, and how long they've been there.

  • Write citations directly in the app

    Our enforcement app allows you to issue warnings or citation from your mobile device, making management of your lots a breeze.

Comprehensive customer support

Smart Parking's team is dedicated to making sure our customers are never left scratching their heads, wondering how to use our services. Whether you're connecting with a member of our team or accessing our comprehensive catalogue of user manuals and help guides, we'll make sure that know-how is never a barrier to our services.

Make the Smart decision, choose Smart Parking

The residential parking solution you've been waiting for is right at your fingertips, but don't take our word for it. Book a demo today to see for yourself how Smart Parking will revolutionize the management, enforcement, and parking experience at your residential complex.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set my prices?

Smart Parking gives you the tools to control pricing as you create your lots. You'll find options to customize pricing based on time spent in visitor lots, and you can tailor the price of permits as you issue them.

How does Smart Parking help me prevent residents from taking advantage of visitor parking spaces?

Smart Parking automatically sends notes to parkers booking a visitor parking space reminding them that residents are not to use these spaces, making it difficult for a resident to book one of these spaces accidentally. For those who do it willingly, however, a quick scan on their license plate will show they have no active visitors pass.

How would my parkers register for parking?

Parkers are able to register in three different ways: using the mobile app, QR codes, or online web portal. The most convenient option for visitors is to simply scan the QR codes posted at any Smart Parking lot, while tenants can register and apply for passes using the app or website.